Manon Hogue on the W100!

W100 2016 - Canada's Top Female Entrepreneurs

Manon Hogue ranks No.58 on the W100!

— PROFIT and Canadian Business unveil 18th annual list of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs –

Ranking Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs on a composite score based on the size, growth rate and profitability of their businesses, the W100 profiles the country’s most successful female business owners. Published in the June issue of Canadian Business and online at and, the W100 is Canada’s largest annual celebration of entrepreneurial achievement by women.

"The members of the 2016 W100 each possess the talent and tenacity to start and grow a successful business," said James Cowan, Editor-in-chief of PROFIT and Canadian Business. "Their remarkable achievements serve as proof that ambitious, risk-taking female entrepreneurs are integral to the growth of the Canadian economy."