Reference: CAN-C-7010
Kit Type: Competitive LIA
Kit Size: 96-well break-apart microplate
Sensitivity: 0.15 μg/dL
Sample Type: Human serum / 50 μL
Calibrator Range: 0.5–60 μg/dL
Total Assay Time: 90 minutes
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Note: When using the kit, the IFU version that is provided with the kit must be followed.

  • CAN: Not Licensed For Sale In Canada.
  • EU:  
  • USA: For Research Use Only. Not For Use In Diagnostic Procedures.


Cortisol is the most abundant circulating steroid and the major glucocorticoid secreted by the adrenal cortex. Cortisol is physiologically effective in blood pressure maintenance and anti-infl ammatory activity. It is also involved in calcium absorption, gluconeogenesis as well as the secretion of gastric acid and pepsin.

Measurement of blood cortisol levels can be used as an indicator of adrenal function and the differential diagnosis of Addison’s and Cushing’s diseases as well as adrenal hyperplasia and carcinoma.

Most circulating cortisol is bound to cortisol binding globulin or transcortin. Therefore, the free cortisol concentration excreted in the urine is very small, and the 24-hour collection of urine is a must in order to obtain an accurate measurement of urinary cortisol. Cortisol in blood shows a diurnal rhythm with the highest levels in the morning and the lowest levels at night.