DBC Adiponectin ELISA kit, kit image, silhouette of a pipette
Ref CAN-APN-5000
Kit Type: Sandwich ELISA
Kit Size: 96-well break-apart microplate
Sensitivity: 0.06 ng/mL
Sample Type: Human serum or plasma / 20 μL
Calibrator Range: 2–50 ng/mL
Total Assay Time: 105 minutes
Note: When using the kit, the IFU version that is provided with the kit must be followed.
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  • CAN: IVD
  • EU:  CE
  • USA: For Research Use Only. Not For Use In Diagnostic Procedures.

The principle of the adiponectin ELISA is a two-step sandwich enzyme immunoassay. The assay makes use of two highly specific monoclonal antibodies: A monoclonal antibody specific for adiponectin is immobilized onto the microplate and another monoclonal antibody specific for a different epitope of adiponectin is conjugated to biotin. During the first step, adiponectin present in the samples and standards is bound to the immobilized antibody and to the biotinylated antibody, thus forming a sandwich complex. Unbound biotinylated antibody is removed by a washing. In the second step, streptavidin-HRP is added, which binds specifically to bound biotinylated antibody. Unbound streptavidin-HRP is removed by washing. Next, the enzyme substrate (TMB) is added. The colour intensity of the enzymatic reaction is directly proportional to the concentration of adiponectin. The enzymatic reaction is terminated by the addition of stopping solution. The absorbance is measured on a microplate reader at 450 nm. The concentration of adiponectin in samples and controls can be calculated from of a plot of the standard curve, either graphically or by using immunoassay software.